Anonymous: For your bronzer do you use sweet, sassy, or sophisticated?

None of those. I use Sultry because of the white highlight.:) 

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Anonymous: do you mind sharing with me what makeup you wear everyday?

smash box hydrating primer, bare minerals bare skin foundation. sephora trio bronzer/blush/illumnizer, benefit push up eyeliner + two faced perfect brown eyeliner, benefit they’re real mascara + bare minerals lash domination. :)

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Anonymous: do you like your body?

yes :) eighty percent of the time.

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very long nights.

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fucking typical x screwback




Jennifer Aniston

I feel like I’ve been left in the dark. 

And I thought I would never have to feel this way ever again. 

but I should be able to take care of myself right? Right.

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this hits me so hard, this girl, who’s been through one of the toughest things someone can ensure, is still thinking this way. this is very inspiring and amazing, we need more people like her