Anonymous: i'm curious if you're single or not.

I’m not. 

Anonymous: 1, 19, 33, 54 :)

1. I will never ever smoke a cigarette. I am truly disgusted by them.

19. Nah. Turn up! lmao jk. Alcohol can be fun in some occasions. :)

33. Tiny. Tuna. Tina. lol -_-

54. Out of all the issues I have, I don’t have trust issues. lmao.

Anonymous: are you talking to anyone right now?

Nah. Studies and my family are my main focus for the time being. :)

Anonymous: 52: Do you miss the way things were six months ago?

2013 has been a not so wonderful year for me lol, so no. I’m going to make things better! 

2sinz: damn, you caught me.

you ain’t slick shawd.

2sinz: ily. jk

you love me or else you wouldn’t have said it in the first place.

Anonymous: What's the hardest thing you've ever had to do?

Save money. lol 

Anonymous: you're THAT girl. man...

I’m A girl. lol. 

Anonymous: You bad

Lol. Thank you? 

Anonymous: I'm really interested in reading your personal tumblr. I hope one day you post your password. One day I'll have the courage to personally ask for it. I hope all is well Tina.

I don’t think I could ever publicly post that tumblr. Maybe I’ll be considerate if you actually ask me for it.

All will be well, anonymous.

Anonymous: do you like that chris dinarte guy ??

lol NO! 

morgan-the-freeman: Is it even worth going to class?

All classes? or history? Lmao YES IT IS WORTH IT! I feel like we didn’t even go to school wednesday.

Anonymous: would you say you hated anyone? do you follow people you "hate"?

Hate is for the petty. The people I follow on social networks are cool in someway. 

morgan-the-freeman: So I heard you love that cool ass white girl named Morgan, I'm bored D:

Oh but I do! Yo. I’m bored too. I just wish it was tomorrow already. I don’t feel like sleepinggg. 

Anonymous: do you like anyone?

Nope. I hate everyone.